Crash Tackle The Rugby Boardgame

You break down the blind side and tear through the defence. You're out in the clear. Almost. The only thing standing between you and international rugby glory is 120kg's of bone crunching muscle. You've got the pace, but have you got the guts?

This is the action packed world of rugby board games and Crash Tackle™ is the world leader!

Crash Tackle the strategy Rugby Union Board Game Box

What makes Crash Tackle different?

Crash Tackle is a strategy based sports board game that is played by two 'Coaches' who must manoeuvre their team of 15 players around the field in a battle of wits, strategy and luck. Crash Tackle authentically mirrors the infinite variety of on-field rugby situations where the right moves bring points, but errors of judgment are punished!

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Crash Tackle - The Rugby Board…

Crash Tackle - The Rugby Board Game

Crash Tackle - An Overview Crash Tackle is a strategy based rugby board game that is played by two 'Coaches' who m...

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Crash Tackle Extra Deck

Crash Tackle Extra Deck!

This product contains the original set of 36 Pressure Play Cards found in the boxed set of Crash Tackle: The Rugby ...

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Booster Pack

Booster Pack for Crash Tackle the rugby board game

Each Booster pack contains 9 Pressure Play Cards for use in your Crash Tackle Games. Add them to the current deck o...

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The Rugby Field

Beautifully illustrated with accurate field markings, grass and dirt, and rugby poles, this massive 8 piece interlocking field is where all the rugby action takes place!

Rugby Players

Each game contains two teams of 15 illustrated player markers. Finely detailed with the realistic kit, hairstyles, headgear, rugby gloves and bandages.

Pressure Play Cards

Crash Tackle includes 36 new Pressure Play cards. These are used to perform exciting rugby moves and abilities that add a new dimension to the game.

Players Skill Chart

The Skill Chart is the key to playing Crash Tackle. It determines each rugby players ability to perform vital actions like Move, Kick, Pass or Gather.

Game Markers

Packed with new Game Markers that bring new rules and tactics to you favourite rugby board game!

The Training Guide (Rules)

The new full colour Training Guide (PDF Rule Book) explains the basics of playing Crash Tackle as well as an advanced section for the experienced rugby coach.

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