Latest Crash Tackle Rugby Game Tactics, Info and News

Latest Rugby Tactics

Pressure from the Kick-off

Pressure from the kick-off

In the game of rugby, the Kick-Off and restart are the best times to put your opponent under huge pressure, with his men spread ...

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Targeting Key Players

Targeting Key players in Crash Tackle Rugby Game

As in rugby, there are vital key players in Crash Tackle too. These are the players that have the ability to turn a game in a mat...

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Using the Flat Pass

Using the Flat Pass in Crash Tackle Rugby

The Flat Pass rulle allows a player to Pass the ball to team mate who is horizontally inline with him on the field. It's a risky ...

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Latest Crash Tackle News

The Greatest Ball Carry in Rugby History…

The modern game is all about running rugby. The carry. The hard yards. The slick hands. It’s what we rugby fans love. It’s wha...

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Crash Tackle Board Game Review

If the rugby world cup has you fixed to the TV in a partner/wife enraging trance, or if your curiosity in the game has been peaked...

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The Skill of Luck

Crash Tackle, like most board games, uses an element of luck in it's mechanics. The use of luck immediately throws doubt on to t...

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