About Crash Tackle

Crash Tackle™ is the sports board game that combines all the action and strategy of real international rugby union into a challenging and realistic rugby game simulation. Crash Tackle lets you take control of the toughest teams in the world and feel what it's like to be the best!

Pound your opponents with fearless forward drives, feed the ball to your ever elusive backs, chip n' chase, or play it safe and kick for touch. Whatever your rugby tactics or game plan Crash Tackle™ lets you decide when to Make the breaks, force the errors, and take your chances!

What is Crash Tackle?

Crash Tackle™ is the rugby union board game that brings all the fast paced heart pumping action of real rugby right to your table top!

Crash Tackle™ is a strategy based sports board game that is played by two 'Coaches' who must manoeuvre their team of 15 players around the field in a battle of wits, strategy and luck. Crash Tackle™ authentically mirrors the infinite variety of on-field rugby situations where the right moves bring points, but errors of judgment are punished!

Yet it appeals equally to novice and expert, as a family game that can be enjoyed as much by beginners as by the seasoned rugby union enthusiast.

The Support Team

The Crash Tackle team are dedicated to bringing you a great product, we are always developing new innovations, rules and product 'add-ons' to make your Crash Tackle experience an exciting one.

Our web site is pack tighter than a New Zealand scrum with great info and latest CT news to make sure Crash Tackle becomes more than just a board game!

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The Basic Tactics of Crash Tackle Rugby

The world of Rugby is a competitive one and we wouldn’t feel right sending you into it without a few tips and pointers! So here are some basic tactics on how to get the most out of your team. As you play Crash Tackle you’ll learn a lot more, but these should help get you on the road to glory!

Each type of player in your team has a specific roll to play and they will perform well in certain circumstances and poorly in others. Knowing your players limitations will greatly improve your team’s chances of victory.

FORWARDS: These are the tough guys in your team and are built for making the hard yards! The Forwards are best used as a pack as they have a small Movement Skill. They work best when charged at defenders, forcing the tackle and creating gaps for your faster players to exploit.

BACKS: The Backs combine good Ball, Kicking and Movement skills making them fast and reliable on attack. Use these guys in the mid-field when the opposition Defence has been broken down by the Forwards. Their speed and handling will make short work of any gaps in the Defence allowing them to get behind the opposition and gain valuable ground!

WINGS: They say there is no counter for speed and with these guys you’ll understand why! The Wings are used out wide to simply run the ball toward the Tryline as far and as fast as possible. There low Ball Skill is there downfall so always try to use them as the last link in your attack. Avoid using them to Kick, Gather or Pass, just give ‘em the ball and watch them run!

FULLBACK: This player is the most highly skilled player in your team and is a vital piece in Defence and attack. He should spend most of the game patrolling the empty field behind your team. His Ball Skill and Movement means you have a reliable and fast defender to sort out any deep attacks or kicks that may come your way!

A Gap is a hole in your players defence that allows your ball carrier to get past without being tackled. If your opponent is defending well there should be no Gaps in his defence. If this is the case you need to create the Gaps using your players! The only way to do this is to run your ball carrier at the defenders - it sounds crazy, but by doing this you force the defenders to tackle and become grounded. Grounded players can not tackle. This creates gaps! Now all you have to do is Gather the ball and run with it!

The only way to really put pressure on your opponent is to keep advancing. Try to get your team moving the ball forward and past it’s last position! This will get you behind your opponents defence and force them backwards. Kicking is the easiest way to get the ball up field, but you risk losing possession (and if you are not holding the ball - you can’t score!). This leaves you the other option - Moving with the ball. You can only move a limited number of spaces every turn, so try and make these count. The best way to do this is to try and run as straight as possible.


Possession means you can score! Every turn try and gain as much ground as possible, this will bring you closer to the Tryline and hence closer to scoring! You will probably have to run into some defenders to do this - don’t be afraid, its all part of the game. Remember to make the breaks, force the errors and to take your chances!

If you don’t have the ball then you need to have patience! There is nothing you can do except move your players around setting up your defence and making tackles. Your aim is to try and apply pressure and this forces errors. You do all of this by setting up some of your players next to the ball carrier so they can tackle him in his turn. The rest of your team needs to be set up to make sure there are no gaps. They also have to be placed in positions where you think your opponent is going to try and attack.