Varient: Test Match Rules

Varient: Test Match Rules

The Pressure Play cards are key to game-winning tactics. As the game continues the more Pressure Play Cards you can collect. The more cards you have, the more likely you are to assemble an array of mind-blowing moves that will leave your opponent gasping for breath!

The new Pressure Play Cards in the latest version of Crash Tackle has been made even more important with the inclusion of series of new rules and abilities. Pressure Play Cards can now be used in Energy Battles at Scrum, Line-out and Maul time! They are also now used to assist with special kicking rules, miskicks and charge downs.

The tactical use of these cards is now even more important as only certain cards can be used by certain players in your team!

Introducing an exciting alternative way to use the Pressure Play Cards in your Crash Tackle Games!


Rugby test matches are the ultimate rugby matches. Their intensity and drama produce games of the highest quality, where tactics, discipline and innovation are tested to the limit. Test matches, when played between top teams, notoriously produce tight, low scoring games.

To simulate this type of game, you will use these 'Test Match' special rules. The 'Test Match' rules produce a new aspect to Crash Tackle where coaches know what cards their opponent is holding and can plan tactics accordingly. Substitutes also play a far more important role in simulating the effects of 'fresh legs' when more cards and attacking oppositions are needed.

  • Take all 36 cards and randomly deal 15 cards to each team
  • Place the 6 remaining cards are placed face down as the discard pile.
  • The cards drawn are all available for your team to use from the start of the game (i.e. you do not draw cards at the beginning of each turn).
  • Once used they are placed on the discard pile.

Half Time Talk

At half time the teams disappear into the change rooms where they are giving some stern words from the coach and have a welcomed 5-minute rest. All the cards (except the Pressure Play & Hard Training) are reshuffled and dealt to the coaches.


Substitutes are handling in the usual way, except the substitutes cards are randomly drawn from the pile of cards already discarded during the half. If no cards have been discarded then substitutes can not be made

Double 1

Rolling a double 1 when making skill rolls is still treated in the usual way only the card is randomly drawn from the pile of cards already discarded during the half. If no cards have been discarded then the double 1 roll is ignored.