Defense Rugby Tactics in Crash Tackle

Sometimes the best offense is a good defence. Saving a try is just as good as scoring one, so limiting your opposition's scoring opportunities can mean the difference between winning and losing!

Directing the Attacker: After a massive assault from the opposition, you may have more players grounded than standing. This is quite obviously bad news for your defense. Try to lure the attacking player back toward the highest concentration of your players by blocking alternative paths with your available defenders. This will give your players a better chance at reaching the attacker in their next turn!

Kicking For Touch: Kicking for touch is a great way to relieve pressure in a tight situation. It is also a sure way to give away possession. Choosing the timing of your touch kicks can make a big difference and could turn the game in your favor. Try to keep your touch kicks for when your opponent has few or no Pressure Play cards in his deck. This makes any ground he needs to gain back from the kick as hard as possible for him to do. He'll need to grind his way back and roll a lot more rolls than if he had a deck full of cards.

Card Tracking: Be aware of Pressure Play cards your opponent has used. Knowing what he can't use against you is invaluable when deciding on a move or tactic during the game.

Foul Play: Don't be afraid to use foul play. It gives your team a much-needed shot at getting the ball and frustrates your opponent if you pull it off! Frustration leads to errors, errors to gaps, and gaps to trys!!!

Deep Defence: A good defence is a good cover defence. By holding a few players slightly further behind you other players, you create an opportunity to protect against any unforeseen attacks.

Defence, Defence, Defence: A team's attack is only as good as their defence. Be sure not to involve too many men into your attack as it can weaken your defence. The game of Crash Tackle has a nasty way of turning the tables. And when you least expect it!

Always organise your defence before attacking incase you fail the dice roll!

Tackle Zones: The key to minimizing gaps in your defence is to create as many tackle zones as possible. The more tackle zones you have on the field, the stronger your defence.

Try to spread your defenders effectively and limit the number of overlapping tackle zones. Doing this will give you a defensive barrier against any attack.

Overlap tackle zones in areas where the attacking team has a higher concentration of players. This will force multiple tackles from one tackle zone.

Every Point Counts: Every point you can save puts your team in a stronger position. If your opponent scores on the red space under the poles the conversion kick is automatically awarded. The opposition receive the extra 2 points without having to make a dice roll. By placing a player on that red space, he will be unable to score there, and they will be forced to roll for their conversion. If they misse, that is 2 fewer points you need to worry about!

Force The Errors: The more dice rolls your opponent makes, the greater the chances of failing! Try to force them to pass, kick and gather as often as possible, as this increases the chances of errors!!

Scrummy: The scrummy is the link between the forwards and the backline and has the potent ability of a 'free' pass after he gathers. If you can keep your opponent scrummy occupied with the ground often, you will disrupt his gameplay. In other words, force him to tackle as often as possible!

Shouldering: Shouldering your opponent is a great way to defend. Place players in a line directly ahead of oppositon players. This forces the them to run around you (as he can't end his turn on top of you) and can stop him from getting to the ball or hamper his movement!