Basic Rugby tactics for Crash Tackle

The game of Rugby Union and Crash Tackle can seem overwhelming, especially to those who have never played or watched a game of rugby. Here are some basic Rugby tactics for Crash Tackle the more you play, the more experience you will gain. Never be afraid to experiment with new ideas, game plans, and tactics. Sometimes a twist in a rule can be a devasting piece of Crash Tackle knowledge!

The Basic Object of the Game


Possession means you can score! Always try and gain as much ground as possible this will bring you closer to the scoring! You will probably have to run into some defenders to do this - that is all part of the game! Remember to make the breaks and take your chances!

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If you don't have the ball, you need to have patience! There is nothing you can do except move your players and set up your defenders to tackle. Your aim is to pressure your opposition into making errors. Do this by moving players next to the ball carrier so they can tackle him in his turn. Now move the rest of your players into positions where you think your opposition will attempt an attack.


A Gap is a hole in your opposition's defense that allows your ball carrier to move through without getting tackled. If your opponent is defending well, there should be no gaps in his defense. In this case you need to create the Gaps using your players! The only way to do this is to run your ball carrier at the defenders - it sounds crazy, but this forces defenders to tackle and become grounded. Grounded players can't tackle and creates gaps for you to move through. Now gather the ball and run with it!


The only way to put pressure on your opponent is to keep advancing. Try to get your team moving the ball forward and past its last position! This will get you behind your opposition's defense and force them backward.

Kicking is the easiest way to get the ball upfield, but you risk losing possession. The other option is moving with the ball. You can move a limited number of spaces every turn, so try and make these count. The best way to do this is to try and run as straight as possible.